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Our small group training (SGT) programs are designed to deliver a personalized and customized experience and to safely progress you to your goals. Each session is designed to maximize the benefits of your program and to address your individual needs. Enjoy individualized attention, cutting–edge programming and achieve the results you are looking for! We offer an array of programs ranging from sessions designed for beginners and those new to the club to advanced performance training.

Download our Winter 2015 SGT schedule in PDF here:

SGT Winter 2015 Descriptions, Rates, Schedule

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Anti – Aging Workout

“Turn back the clock!” Learn how to improve strength, burn calories, increase balance and core stability for long-term health and well-being.

Buns of Steel

A 30- minute intense workout for the lower body. Learn specific and result-driven exercises to sculpt your gluteus and legs.

Circuit Blast 360- NEW

A fast-paced circuit of stations devised to raise metabolism, burn calories and increase endurance.

No “Waisting” Time – NEW

A compact no-nonsense series of core and abdominal exercises systematically performed in 30 minutes for the perfect sculpting of the waist and torso.

Fitness Fundamentals

Shape your body FAST. Develop strength not bulk. Boost your metabolism. Improve performance and functionality to move and feel better.

Kinesis & KoreNEW

A synergistic workout program using a pulley system for your entire body and core. Moving in multiple planes of

motion to improve muscle balance and functionality.

Sexy Back

Look amazing in that little black dress, halter, strapless or tank top. 30 – minutes of targeting the shoulders, back and arms.


A complete 45 minute workout using body weight and suspension as resistance. Perfect for increasing muscular endurance, building a solid core, sculpting and defining muscles.

Ultimate Boot Camp

High-intensity strength and cardio training at its best. Get fitter faster.



For additional information about these or any other fitness programs please contact Lisa Channell, Personal Trainer and Fitness Manager.


tel: 201.251.4500

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