Fascial Stretch Therapy

Stretch your BODY and FEEL the Difference

Anti-Aging at its best – youthful movement without pain with FST!

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST) is a unique, complete and complementary system of table- based, assisted stretching, focusing on the fascia as the key element in achieving optimal flexibility, strength  and freedom of movement. 

 Features of Fascial Stretch (FST™)

  • Manipulates, lengthens, re-aligns your fascia.
  • Reduces pain and discomfort.
  • Increases joint space.
  • Eliminates trigger points.
  • Improves muscle activation and relaxation.
  • Improves flexibility on the first session and becomes cumulative with multiple sessions.
  • Teaches you how to maintain optimal fascial flexibility after identifying and eliminating the problems.

 Benefits of FST™

  • Improved posture and functional ability – do what you could not do before.
  • Reduced or Eliminated Pain – allows you to finally enjoy a quality life.
  • Restored joint space – anti-aging at its best, youthful movement without pain!
  • Improved sports performance.
  • Reduced injuries – get on with your goals in fitness, recreation and sports.

What is Fascia? It’s the connective tissue that permeates and envelops all structures of the body, essentially connecting them all together.  In a normal, healthy state the fascial system maintains the body in a delicate balance of tension and elasticity.  With the proper amount of tension, it helps support the efficient alignment of your bones while being elastic enough to permit full, unrestricted movement.  The problem is that fascia will shorten, thicken and tighten when any of your tissues are under stress from aging, poor posture, dehydration, improper body mechanics, lack of exercise, repetitive motion, injury, emotional stress, surgery, disease or over-training. 

For more information about this exciting new therapy and to schedule an assessment, call 201 251-4500 or email arthur.kreutzer@ethosfitness.com.

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